At Seichou Karate we build healthy minds and bodies through traditional Japanese culture. Our powerful karate, judo, ground fighting (MMA) programs will prepare you to defend yourself in any situation. But, that's not all, because you'll achieve life-balance in our Japanese calligraphy, abacus and language classes.

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In 2014 we invite newcomers to make a powerful change in their lives by exploring Japanese karate & culture. Contact us today!

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Karate for Children

Our children's karate and Japanese culture curriculum aim to help children to grow physically and mentally strong. We help them develop strategies and skills for overcoming challenges in their everyday life and for becoming well rounded, self-confident, and mentally alert leaders. Click here for a FREE TRIAL... Learn more...

Karate for Adults and Teens

Are you an adult interested in learning self-defense and getting in shape or are you a teenager looking for a karate program geared towards building strength and self-discipline? Find what you are looking for at Alexandria, Virginia based Seichou Karate. We teach empowering self-defense karate classes and yoga. Click here for a 
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Team-Building for Organizations

You invest heavily in your employees because mission success depends on their ability to deliver superb results. Seichou Karate Limited offers 2 unique courses for businesses and HR departments  Seichou Karate Samurai Training and Smart.Strong.Safe. Call (571) 257-5401 today to learn more about these outstanding programs that enhance personal safety and physical fitness in order for your employees to accomplish their mission.
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In Class...

Every Seichou Karate class begins with a yoga-based full-body warm-up to build strong, flexible muscles. Next, we guide students through repetitive practice of hand strikes, kicks, blocks, stances and movement patterns. Finally, we do paired practice in order for students to actualize the techniques that they have learned earlier in class. The result is that we raise students' heart rate for 45 minutes to an hour, but the intensity ebbs and flows according to the needs of the students in attendance. Also, we make certain students execute these techniques properly in order to avoid repetitive stress injuries because we want our students to enjoy learning practical self-defense safely. If you want to get into great physical condition or learn how to defend yourself, you will love our classes.
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You Get...

  • Unsurpassed instruction
  • Dedicated weapons classes
  • Unlimited training 6 days a week
  • Dedicated breaking classes
  • Group classes for all ranks
  • Private and semi-private lessons available
  • Dedicated self-defense classes
  • Calligraphy classes are FREE to karate students
  • Dedicated heavy bag classes
  • Numerous FREE cultural events throughout the year

Sensei's Training

Ever wonder how a champion full-contact karate fighter trains? Well, every Wednesday night our Director, who's a former full-contact karate fighting champion, takes students through 30 minutes of the most rigorous martial arts training anywhere. There's no fighting in this class, but you'll need to sign a special waiver to participate. If this interests you, email or call us at (571) 257-5401 to register.