Seichou Karate | Adults Calligraphy Classes
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We are proud to offer separate classes for adults and children in Japanese Calligraphy with Master Calligrapher Kazuko Kano.


Japanese calligraphy (called “shodou” in Japanese) means “the way of writing”

but it is actually the art of writing beautifully. Kanji are the Chinese characters that were introduced to Japan via Korea in the 5th Century. Before the introduction of the Chinese characters, there was no writing system in Japan.


There are certain rules that determine the beauty of writing kanji characters. For example, some important elements are the relative size and balance of the characters and the undulation of the strokes that comprise each character.

In Japan, most children learn calligraphy in elementary school. However, it is also practiced by adults.

At Seichou Karate®, Master Instructor Kazuko Kano will teach you how to write kanji correctly and beautifully. Shodo takes concentration and focus but, the more you practice, the more you will enjoy working with the deep black ink to create beautiful works that please the eye and mind. Try a FREE class today!

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