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Sempai Mark Amberg

14 May Sempai Mark Amberg

Sempai Mark Amberg is very busy this spring.

First, he recently retired from the Air National Guard after 28 years of military service including duty in Iraq. Next, on May 19, he’s taking the examination for promotion to second degree black belt.

Sempai Mark has been a fixture at Seichou Karate since September 2002, and although he’s extremely busy with a robust career as a Wealth Management Advisor at Merrill Lynch, he regularly mentors Seichou newcomers and assists at the dojo events throughout the year. We admire Sempai Mark because he embodies many virtues that we admire including determination, integrity, loyalty, love of family and country.

We salute Sempai Mark for his contribution to Seichou Karate, to the nation and wish him well on his upcoming promotion test. OSU!

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