Seichou Karate | Georges Gautherin
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Georges Gautherin


Georges Gautherin – Uchideshi Instructor


Sempai Georges Gautherin hails from Long Island, New York, where he first experienced karate. Although he enjoyed his training, the dojo did not adequately address his needs. So, he left after a few years to pursue other activities. Sempai Gautherin resumed karate training in Connecticut in 2009 during his sophomore year at Roger Williams University. The new dojo, which was led by Soshu Shigeru Oyama disciple Shihan Kenji Fujiwara, had a powerful impact on him. So, several years later when Sempai Gautherin relocated to Washington, DC for graduate school, he sought a similar training experience. After visiting a number of DC area martial arts schools, he found Seichou Karate® Dojo. On his first visit, Seichou Karate® stood out from the rest. So, Sempai Gautherin didn’t hesitate to enroll. Over the last six years his love for karate blossomed anew and he has diligently continued training while completing course work for his Master’s Degree in European and Eurasian Studies at George Washington University. Sempai Gautherin has excelled academically and expects to receive his M.A. degree in fall 2017. He has excelled in karatedo and, in December 2015, he became the first Seichou Karate Dojo Uchideshi (teaching apprentice). Additionally, Sempai Gautherin took first place in the semi-knock down and kata competitions at the World Oyama Karate tournament in May 2016. Then, in November 2016, he earned his first-degree black belt. Sempai Gautherin is a superb junior instructor who is loved and respected by our students for his genuine warmth, intellect and karatedo skill.


Outside of the dojo, Sempai Gautherin has a very full life with his beautiful wife, Mary, who expects to complete her M.A. Degree in Art Management in fall 2018. Together, they enjoy their family, friends, participating in half-marathons, Korean food and time with their faithful hound, Odin.


Students enjoy training under this rising star six days a week at our Old Town and Hollin Hall dojos.