Instructor Name: Georg Hirsch

Assistant Karate Instructor


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Seichou Karate Instructors

Georg Hirsch
Assistant Karate Instructor


Georg Hirsch has been studying Seichou Karate® since April 2001. However, his training was interrupted by law school schedule, bar exam studies, and subsequent professional responsibilities. Mr. Hirsch was unwavering in his dedication to becoming an expert martial artist and he succeeded in May 2008 when he became the new first black belt at Seichou Karate®’s Alexandria, Virginia headquarters. He is also a superb classical pianist with interest in Beethoven, Chopin, et al. For his black belt research project, he performed and compared a complicated Rachmaninoff piece with an advanced Seichou Karate® kata (movement pattern).  Throughout his Seichou Karate® career, Mr. Hirsch has been a powerful model of karate spirit, determination, good manners by generously supporting the growth of our dojo and junior students. When he is not teaching or training with us, Mr. Hirsch pursues his diversified business as tax lawyer, translator and editor specializing in tax law, and music journalist for German public radio.