Seichou Karate | Kanae Varga
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Kanae Varga


Kanae Varga – Language, Abacus & Calligraphy Instructor


A native of Tottori, Japan, Kanae Varga has practiced Japanese calligraphy and abacus since the age of seven. As a student, she won many calligraphy competitions and was the captain of her high school calligraphy club. In fact, calligraphy was so important to her that she aspired to become a calligraphy instructor. However, as an adult, she studied nursing and gained extensive professional experience in pediatric, neurosurgery, and geriatric nursing working for a number of organizations, including the Red Cross.


After marrying and moving to the U.S., Ms. Varga sought to achieve her goal of teaching U.S. children about Japanese culture. As a calligraphy and abacus instructor at Seichou Karate Dojo, she’s in an excellent position to inspire children to learn Japanese language, calligraphy and abacus, all of which provide significant life-long benefits. The Seichou Karate family is very fortunate to have Ms. Varga because of this perfect synergy!