Seichou Karate | Kazuko Kano
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Kazuko Kano


Kazuko Kano – Language and Calligraphy Instructor


Seichou Shodo Instructor Kazuko Kano is a native of Tottori, Japan. A master Japanese calligraphic artist, since 1985, Ms. Kano has been a member of the Japan Calligraphy Education Foundation (JCEF), a national organization in Japan that ranks both amateur and professional calligraphers, issues licenses to calligraphy teachers, holds national competitions, and supports the dissemination of the art of calligraphy worldwide. Ms. Kano has won numerous calligraphy awards from JCEF. She holds a B.A. in literature from Kobe Women’s University, an M.A. in videographic arts from American University, a high school teaching license from the Japanese government, and is licensed by the U.S. Japanese Calligraphy Federation to assess and award promotion certificates to students who meet standard requirements. She speaks Japanese and English.