Seichou Karate | Kids Calligraphy Classes
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Japanese Calligraphy for Kids

What is it?

Japanese Calligraphy (“Shodo”) is the art of writing beautiful letters with a brush.


In learning Shodo, students develop the ability to draw straight and curved lines and to create balanced calligraphic works. This process enhances penmanship, digital dexterity, aesthetic sensitivity, patience, and self-control. Additionally, students who learn to appreciate calligraphy artistry mature into confident adults who possess the vocabulary and imagination to conceive and articulate their ideas.

Who's Invited?

We accept children from 6 years of age.

Where and When?

Classes meet on Mondays and Saturdays at the Old Town Dojo. You may choose either one or two lessons per week.

Who's the Instructor?

Kazuko Kano Sensei is a Japanese calligraphy expert who holds a high school teaching license from the Japanese government and is accredited by the U.S. Japanese Calligraphy Federation to assess and award promotion certificates to students who meet standard requirements. A native of Tottori, Japan, she holds a B.A. in literature from Kobe Women’s University and an M.A. in videographic arts from American University. Ms. Kano has experience teaching students of all ages.

Fee for Current Seichou Students: Students who are enrolled in our karate program may take one culture class free of charge including calligraphy, abacus and Japanese language.


Fee for Non-Seichou Students: $100 per month per child for one lesson per week; $150 per month for 2 lessons per week.


Equipment: All students will need a Calligraphy Set $49.00. This includes everything needed to practice Japanese calligraphy: ink, ink well paper, paper weight, large brush, small brush, brush protector, spill pad and carrying case.


How to Enroll: Enroll today using the links above or telephone us at 571.257.5401 for more information.

Signup your for a Free Trial Session!

Take advantage of our Special Online Offer and sign up for One Free Seichou Class.We guarantee you’ll love the experience. Still have questions? Call (571)257-5401 today.