Seichou Karate | Kiemi Langlois
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Kiemi Langlois


Kazuko Kano – Language and Abacus Instructor


Kiemi Watabe Langlois is a native of Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan. She was a top-level student of Japanese Abacus (Soroban) growing up. Her primary field of study was music and, in 1995, she graduated from the Musashino Conservatory of Music in Tokyo with a BA in music. Her area of emphasis was piano. Ms. Langlois has taught piano to students of all ages and has served as a rehearsal pianist for a local opera company as well as an accompanist for several local choral groups. She has also performed in several concerts, including a performance with the Krakow State Philharmonic Orchestra in her hometown of Yokkaichi. Ms. Langlois holds licenses from the Japanese government to teach middle and high school. She speaks English and native Japanese.