Seichou Karate | Mark Amberg
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Mark Amberg


Mark Amberg – Assistant Karate Instructor


Raised on a farm in Minnesota, Sempai Mark Amberg brings mid-western values of hard work, integrity, love of family and country to his teaching and training at Seichou Karate Dojo, where he is a thirteen-year veteran.
Sempai Mark is a powerful fighter but also enjoys practicing basic form and movement patterns. For these reasons, and because he has organized many dojo events, Sempai Mark inspires our students with his enthusiasm for improving his own karate and genuine concern for their personal development.


Sempai Mark has a B.A. in Computer Information Systems and Management (magna cum laude / valedictorian) from St. Leo College in Florida, and an M.A. in Business Administration from the Florida Institute of Technology.
A veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a recent retiree from the Air National Guard, Sempai Mark’s experience includes Logistician on the Navy F/A-18 Depot Program and Analyst on the International Space Station for NASA in Houston, TX. His civilian career as a Financial Advisor began with Smith Barney in 1995. From there, he moved his practice to Merrill Lynch in 2011, where he is now a Certified Private Wealth Advisor and Certified Financial Planner.


You might think that Sempai Mark’s professional responsibilities and passion for Seichou Karate® take up the bulk of his time. However, his main mission and greatest joy is in being a devoted husband and father of two boys. He balances these aspects of his life with discipline and grace and we’re proud to have him on the Seichou Karate® teaching staff!