Seichou Karate | Richard Romero
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Richard Romero


Richard Romero – Master Instructor & Founder

Richard Romero is a Japanologist and former full-contact Kyokushinkai-kan Karate champion with more than 40 years of experience, including 20 years as a disciple of renowned Kyokushinkai-kan master Shigeru Oyama.


In addition to the wealth of practical karate knowledge that Romero brings to his students, he has a deep respect for the non-violent philosophy that underlies Japanese martial arts, and an intimate understanding of the laws that impact of the lives of martial artists because he is an attorney admitted in New York and Washington, DC. Most importantly, he is a gifted communicator who makes the tenets of bushido relevant, intelligible and exciting for students of all ages by virtue of his remarkable educational background and professional experience.


Romero is a graduate of Columbia University (BA) and Yeshiva University (JD) and possesses certificates in Japan studies from Cornell University and the Inter-university Center for Japan Studies in Yokohama (Stanford Center).


Romero is unique in the U.S. karate world because he is the only non-Japanese to have been selected by Master Shigeru Oyama to teach karate in Japan as his personal representative, and he has five years of other professional teaching experience in Japan, including Public Educational Consultant at the Kani City Board of Education and Lecturer on Japanese martial arts at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.


Seichou Karate® Dojo is the culmination of Romero’s 40-plus years of Japanese martial arts experience earned through sweat, blood and perseverance. In it, Romero has distilled and combined practices and philosophies of various martial arts including the rigor and practicality of Kyokushinkan-kan karate, the ingenuity of Aikido, the philosophy of Kodokan Judo, and the introspection of Kyudo (traditional archery).


Students who wish to learn the most rigorous Japanese karate that is founded upon the highest ethics of the bushido tradition will appreciate the rare opportunity to train under this spirited leader.