Seichou Karate | Shihan Speaks on Mastery at DC Law Firm
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Shihan Speaks on Mastery at DC Law Firm

13 Jul Shihan Speaks on Mastery at DC Law Firm

On July 13, Romero Shihan gave a presentation on “mastery” and “excellence” at a leading law firm in Washington, DC.

“Japanese martial arts, like karatedo and kyudo (traditional archery), and cultural arts, such as sado (tea ceremony) and shodo (calligraphy) are connected through the notion of ‘~do,’ which means ‘path’ or ‘way’ in Japanese. So, irrespective of which of these disciplines we practice, the purpose of studying traditional Japanese martial and cultural arts is self-knowledge for the purpose of refining the human character.”

Shihan, who is a lawyer admitted to practice in DC and NY, explained that the example of the medieval Japanese Samurai, who were renowned for their courage, personal honor, martial arts skill, and spiritual development, is relevant today because their quest was actually a quest for self-knowledge and mastery.

“Samurai were acutely aware of the fleeting nature of life and, so, they lived boldly according to an ethical code and developed disparate sides of their personalities. Considering the frenetic pace of life in contemporary society, we can learn much from their example.”

Contact the Dojo at 571.257.5401 if you would like Shihan to address your group.

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