Seichou Karate for Adults & Teens

At Seichou KarateĀ®, we believe that the lessons of the dojo are experiences that you can "take with you" for life purposes. In this light, we make the most of the training time that we have together. We offer an environment that is infused with Japanese culture and expect everyone to follow the etiquette of a traditional Japanese dojo.

Our teen and adult classes include traditional Japanese karate, sparring, traditional Japanese weaponry, self-defense, Japanese calligraphy, Japanese language, yoga, and programs for corporate entities.

The weekly schedule includes General and Belt-Specific Karate Classes as well as blocks of time for Free Fighting which is an essential element of our standard karate curriculum.

However, mature adult students may opt for belt advancement without the free-fighting component in our Living Long Martial Arts. This program focuses on form, balance, and movement. We incorporate Japanese language study into the program.

Adult classes such as Calligraphy, Japanese Language, Self-Defense, and Board-Breaking are available at convenient times during the week. Calligraphy, self-defense courses, and board breaking are all included with a karate membership.

Seichou Karate incorporates yoga in our karate classes to increase muscular flexibility and strength.

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