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Growth is a Personal Matter

At Seichou Karate® we encourage our students to grow by constantly challenging themselves. One way of doing this is to strive to attain higher ranking by taking a promotion twice annually. However, as each individual learns at a unique pace, we do not require students to take every promotion test for which they are eligible.


Also, “personal growth” means different things at different points of a student’s training. As such, first-time examinees for promotion must demonstrate a command of the requirements set out below for promotion to 10th kyu blue belt. By contrast, for promotion to rankings above the blue belt level, growth is demonstrated by:


(1) a command of the new requirements for promotion and
(2) greater maturity in the context of karate. At Seichou Karate®, maturity means self-control, patience, cooperativeness, truthfulness, kindness, and gentleness toward others.

7 Seichou Pillars

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Promotion Policy

Seichou Karate® Promotion Tests consist of rank–appropriate Performance and Written tests. During the Performance Test, students must demonstrate command of the basic form, movement patterns, and free-fighting elements appropriate to their rank. On the Written Test students must demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and terminology appropriate to their rank. In order to pass, students must score 80 percent or higher on each component.

Eligibility for Promotion

In order to be eligible to take a promotion test students must have taken the requisite number of lessons specified for each rank below. For example, newcomers taking their first promotion test must have taken 25 lessons. All others must have taken 25 lessons since their last promotion test.

Promotion Test Scheduling

Seichou Karate® offers regularly scheduled Promotion Tests each spring and fall. Students may elect to take an exam at those times or, with their instructor’s permission, they may take an exam as soon as they have completed the class attendance requirements.


Ranking at Seichou Karate is designated by the color of one’s belt as follows: white (beginner), blue, yellow, green, purple, brown, and black (advanced student). There are two “kyu” rankings for each belt level below black belt. There are also different levels of black belt rankings. These are known as “dan” rankings. Students below the rank of black belt are known as “mudansha,” whereas those who have achieved the rank of black belt are “yudansha.”

Prior Martial Arts Experience

At Seichou Karate, the process of learning our particular basic form, movement patterns, and fighting techniques is essential for correct execution and for building “Seichou character.” Therefore, irrespective of whether or not they have had previous martial arts experience, all of our students begin their training at the rank of 12th kyu white belt.

Requirements for Promotion (Click to View)

Requirements for Promotion

For Promotion to 10th Kyu Blue Belt

1. How to count from 1 to 10: ichi, ni, san, yon, go , roku, shichi, hachi, kyu, juu
2. Ready stance – yoi dachi (also “fudo dachi”)
3. Pigeon toed stance – sanchin dachi
4. Forward leaning stance – zenkutsu dachi
5. Kicking stance – keri no kamae
6. Fighting stance – sanzen dachi
7. Fore fist upper punch – seiken jodan zuki
8. Fore fist middle punch – seiken chudan zuki
9. Fore fist lower punch seiken gedan zuki
10. Fore fist chin strike – seiken ago uchi
11. Back fist face strike – uraken ganmen uchi
12. Back fist side strike – uraken sayu uchi
13. Back fist spleen strike – uraken hizo uchi
14. Overhead block – jodan uke
15. Middle outside block – chudan soto uke
16. Middle inside block – chudan uchi uke
17. Lower block / parry – gedan barai
18. Knee kick – hiza geri
19. Groin kick – kin geri
20. Heel Kick – kakato geri
21. Front kick – mae geri
22. Roundhouse kick – mawashi geri
23. Movement Pattern (kata): Taikyoku 1 and 2
24. Seichou Karate Pillar I

For Promotion to 9th Kyu Blue Belt

All Previous Criteria Plus: 
25. Back leaning stance – kokutsu dachi
26. Abbreviated horse back stance – han kiba dachi
27. Punching Combination 1 (1-2 punch) – nihon zuki
28. Blocking Combination – response to 1-2 punch
29. Front high kick – mae keage
30. Side high kick – yoko keage
31. Side kick – yoko geri
32. Joint kick – kansetsu geri
33. All basic techniques set out above with movement
34. Kicking Combination: knee kick, groin kick, heel kick, front kick, roundhouse kick – hiza geri, kin geri, kakato geri, mae geri, mawashi geri
35. Movement Pattern (kata): Taikyoku 3
For Promotion to 8th Kyu Yellow Belt
All criteria listed above
36. Cat stance – neko ashi dachi
37. Horse back stance – kiba dachi
38. Knife hand block – shuto uke
39. Back kick – ushiro geri
40. Ball of the foot – chusoku
41. Instep of the foot – haisoku
42. Knife-edge of the foot – sokuto
43. All basic techniques set out above with movement
44. Fighting stance movement: skip, step, switch – okuri ashi, fumi ashi, kosa
45. Blocking Combination: lower bock, 1-2 punch – gedan barai, nihon zuki
46. Kicking Combination: 1-2 punch, front kick – nihon zuki, mae geri
47. Movement Pattern (kata): Pinaan 1
48. Free Fighting: two 2-minute rounds
49. Seichou Karate Pillar II

For Promotion to 7th Kyu Yellow Belt

All Previous Criteria plus:
50. Open toed stance – musubi dachi
51. Hammer punch 1 (resembles lower block) – tetsui
52. Hammer punch 2 (resembles middle outside block) – tetsui
53. Rising elbow strike – hiji age
54. Lateral elbow strike – hiji ate
55. Kicking Combination: backfist, back kick, 1-2 punch – uraken, ushiro geri, nihon zuki
56. Blocking Combination: outside block, backfist, reverse punch – soto uke, uraken, gyaku zuki
57. Skip, step, switch in box pattern
58. Free Fighting: three 2-minute rounds
59. Movement Pattern (kata): Goshinjutsu 1

For Promotion to 6th Kyu Green Belt

All Previous Criteria plus:
60. Crane stance – tsuru ashi dachi
61. High and low block – Joge uke
62. Double-arm block – morote uke
63. Knife-hand temple strike – shuto ganmen uchi
64. Knife-hand descending collarbone strike – shuto sakotsu uchi 65.
Knife-hand driving collarbone strike – shuto sokotsu uchikomi
66. Knife-hand spleen strike – shuto hizo uchi
67. Inside knife-hand strike – shuto ganmen uchi
68. Resting kneeling position – seiza: student rests on insteps of feet
69. Alert kneeling position – kiza: student rests on balls of feet
70. Punching Combination: 1-2-1 fore fist punch
71. Blocking Combination: middle inside block with reverse punch – chudan uchi uke, chudan gyaku zuki
72. Blocking Combination: middle outside block with reverse punch – chudan soto uke, chudan gyaku zuki
73. Kicking Combination: 1-2 punch with front kick and roundhouse kick – nihon zuki, mae geri, mawashi geri
74. Movement Pattern (kata): Pinaan 2, Sanchin
75. Free Fighting: four 2-minute rounds
76. Seichou Karate Pillar III

For Promotion to 5th Kyu Green Belt

All Previous Criteria Plus: 
77. Hook Punch – seiken furi uchi
78. Upper Cut Punch – seiken shita zuki
79. Cross-leg stance – kake ashi dachi
80. Punching Checklist
• Proper fist clenching
• Proper striking surface of fist
• Proper trajectory of active (punching) arm
• Proper retraction of non-active hand
• Avoid hyper-extending elbow
• Harmonize movement of shoulders and hips
81. Blocking Checklist
• Proper fist clenching
• Proper retraction of non-active (non-blocking) hand
• Proper balance between active and non-active hands
• Proper angle of blocking arm and point of contact
82. Shoulder Positioning Checklist
• Proper orientation of line of shoulders relative to the spine
• Proper orientation of shoulders relative to adversary
83. Stance Checklist
• Balance
• Weight distribution
• Relative positioning of feet
• Compression of legs
84. Blocking Combination: overhead block, middle outside block – jodan uke, chudan soto uke
85. Blocking Combination: middle inside block, lower block – chudan uchi uke, gedan barai
86. Self-defense Combination: response to face punch
87. Kicking Combination: back fist, side kick, 1-2 punch – uraken ganmen uchi, yoko geri, nihon zuki
88. Skip, step, switch in box pattern with front kick
89. Movement Patterns (kata): Pinaan 3, Jo Kihon 1
90. Free Fighting: five 2-minute rounds

For Promotion to 4th Kyu Purple Belt

All Previous Criteria Plus: 
91. Blocking Combination: four blocks: overhead, middle outside, middle inside, and lower blocks – jodan uke, chudan soto uke, chudan uchi uke, gedan barai
92. Knife hand Overhead Block with Middle Inside Block – shuto jodan uke, chudan uchi uke
93. Cross Arm Block (upper and lower) – jodan juji uke, gedan juji uke
94. Kicking Combination: back fist, back kick, 1-2 punch – uraken genmen uchi, ushiro geri, nihon zuki
95. Kicking Checklist
• Relaxed upper body
• Compressed legs
• Short stance
• Feet shoulder width apart
• Body weight borne on balls of feet
• Raise leg in proper manner for each kick
96. Skip, Step, Switch in box pattern with blocking combination 1
97. Skip, step, switch in box pattern with blocking combination 2
98. Forward leaning stance, spear hand, leg sweep, hammer punch, fore fist middle punch
99. Horse Back Stance retreat
100. Kicking Combination: back fist, back kick, front kick, roundhouse kick, back kick, 1-2 punch – uraken ganmen uchi, ushiro geri, mae geri, mawashi geri, ushiro geri, nihon zuki
101. Movement Pattern (kata): Pinaan 4, Yansu
102. Free Fighting: six 2-minute rounds
103. Seichou Karate Pillar IV

For Promotion to 3rd Kyu Purple Belt

All Previous Criteria Plus:
104. Skip, step, switch with 45 degree angle – okuri ashi, fumi ahsi, yonju-go-do kosa
105. Kicking Combination: back fist, back kick, front kick, roundhouse kick, back kick, 1-2 punch, switch feet and knee kick – uraken ganmen uchi, ushiro geri, mae geri, mawashi geri, ushiro geri, nihon zuki, kosa, hiza geri
106. Movement Patterns (kata): Jo Kihon 2
107. Free Fighting: seven 2-minute rounds
108. Cardiovascular Fitness: 8 repetitions of item 88 above

For Promotion to 2nd Kyu Brown Belt

All Previous Criteria (with special emphasis on items 63 – 66 and 78) and 50 lessons:
109. 45 degree horse back stance – yonju-go-do kiba dachi
110. 1 revolution each:
• Skip, step, switch with 1-2 punch
• Skip, step, switch with back foot front kick
• Skip, step, switch with roundhouse kick
• Skip, step, switch with back kick
111. Cardiovascular Fitness: 12 repetitions of item 88 above
112. Movement Patterns (kata): Gekisai-dai, Tsuki-no-kata, Goshinjutsu 2
113. Free Fighting: eight 2-minute rounds

For Promotion to 1st Kyu Brown Belt

All previous criteria and 50 lessons
114. 45 degree horse back stance with upper cut
115. 45 degree stance with lateral elbow strike
116. Movement Patterns (kata): Pinaan 5, Saiha, Jo Kihon 3
117. Ten 2-minute rounds of free fighting
118. Free Fighting: ten 2-minute rounds