Seichou Karate | Teens Calligraphy Classes
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At Seichou Karate® teens can study Japanese calligraphy with Master Calligrapher Kazuko Kano to reap powerful life-long benefits!


Called “Shodo” in Japanese, which means “the way of writing,” traditional calligraphy teaches teens patience, focus and discipline and helps them develop a sensitive, yet discerning, view of the world.”


There are at least four ways for teens to appreciate calligraphy. First, it’s a means of communicating either in prose or verse with at least 1.5 billion people in Asia. Second, through rote practice of writing kanji (Chinese characters), teens meditate on the meaning of each character and can explore how the various concepts that they study apply to their lives. Third, by learning how to write kanji well (with balance, undulation and proportion), teens develop aesthetic sensitivity. Fourth, kanji constitute a writing system that is completely different from western languages. Thus, by studying them, teens develop a worldview that is both broad and tolerant.

At Seichou Karate®, Master Instructor Kazuko Kano teaches teens how to write kanji and two other Japanese alphabets correctly and beautifully. Shodo takes concentration and focus, but it is fabulous challenge for young people who wish to boldly express themselves because the more teens practice, the more they enjoy working with the deep black ink to create beautiful works that please the eye and mind.

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