Seichou Karate | Terminology
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(1) ichi, (2) ni, (3) san, (4) yon, (5) go, (6) roku, (7) shichi, (8) hachi, (9) kyu, (10) juu Counting from 1 to 10 general
Ashi barai Leg sweep or block kick
Ashi waza Foot/Kicking techniques general
Chudan Middle area from waist to neck general
Chudan morote uke Double-arm block block
Chudan no kamae Middle level fighting posture stance
Chudan soto uke Middle outside block block
Chudan uchi uke Middle inside block block
Chudan zuki Middle level punch punch
Chusoku Ball of the foot body
Dojo Martial arts school general
Fumi-ashi Step movement
Fumikomi geri Heel stomp kick
Gedan Lower level, belt down, Groin general
Gedan barai Lower block / parry block
Gedan no kamae Lower level fighting stance stance
Gyaku zuki Reverse punch punch
Hachiji dachi Relaxed standing posturewherein feet shoulder width apartand toes pointed outward stance
Haisoku Instep of the foot body
Haito uchi Ridge hand strike
Hajime Begin instruction
Han kiba dachi Abbreviated horse back stance stance
Han zenkutsu dachi Abbreviated forward leaning stance stance
Hanmi no kamae Half forward facing fighting posture stance
Heiko dachi Parallel stance stance
Heisoku dachi Closed foot stance (toes and heels touch) stance
Hidari Left general
Hiji age uchi Rising elbow strike strike
Hiji ate uchi Lateral elbow strike strike
Hiza Knee body
Hiza geri Knee kick kick
Hiza uchi uke Knee block (Blocking inside to outside) block
Jiyu kumite Free-fighting (sparring) general
Jodan Upper level, from neck up, Head general
Jodan kamae Upper level fighting posture stance
Jodan no kamae Upper level fighting posture stance
Jodan uke Upper/overhead block block
Jodan zuki Upper level punch punch
Joge uke High and low block block
Juji uke Cross-arm block block
Kakato Heel of the foot body
Kakato geri Heel kick kick
Kake ashi dachi Cross-legged stance stance
Kamaete Assume preliminary position instruction
Kansetsu geri Kick to knee joint kick
Karatedo Way of the empty hand general
Karatedogi (dogi) Karate uniform (uniform) general
Karatedojo (dojo) Karate school (martial arts school) general
Kata Movement pattern performedagainst imaginary opponents general
Ken Shin body
Ken uchi uke Shin block (blocking inside to outside) block
Keri (geri) Kick general
Keri no kamae Kicking stance stance
Kiba dachi Horse-back stance (feet are parallel) stance
Kihon waza Basic techniques general
Kin geri Groin kick kick
Kiza Alert kneeling position stance
Kokutsu dachi Back leaning stance(front foot points straight at adversaryand back foot is 45 degrees relative to front foot) stance
Kosa Switch feet movement
Kumite Free-fighting or “sparring” general
Mae Front general
Mae geri Front kick kick
Mae geri (Kekomi) Front kick w/o retraction kick
Mae keage Front high kick kick
Mawashi Round house (around) kick
Mawashi geri Roundhouse kick kick
Mawashi uke Round house block block
Mawashi zuki Round house punch punch
Mawatte Turn instruction
Migi Right general
Morote uke Double-arm block block
Musubi dachi Open-toed stance(heels touch and toes are separated) stance
Naore Return to original posture instruction
Neko ashi dachi Cat stance stance
Ne-waza Kneeling technique general
Nihon zuki Double punch punch
Nukite uchi Spear hand strike
Oi zuki Lunge punch punch
Okuri ashi Skip movement
Randori Half-speed free-fighting general
Sanbon zuki Triple punch punch
Sanchin dachi Pigeon-toed stance(heel of front foot on same lineas toes of back foot; toes are pointed inward) stance
Sanzen dachi Fighting stance stance
Seichou Growth (“personal growth”) general
Seiken ago uchi Forefist chin strike punch
Seiken chudan zuki Forefist middle punch punch
Seiken furi uchi Hook Punch punch
Seiken gedan zuki Forefist lower punch punch
Seiken jodan zuki Forefist upper punch punch
Seiken shita zuki Uppercut punch punch
Seiken zuki Forefist strike punch
Seiza Resting kneeling position (on insteps of feet) stance
Senpai Senior student general
Sensei Teacher general
Shiko dachi Straddle leg stance(horse stance feet at 45 degrees) stance
Shizen no kamae/Shizentai Natural fighting posture stance
Shotei gedan bari Palm-heel downward block block
Shotei uchi Palm heel strike hand strike
Shotei uke Palm heel block block
Shuto ganmen uchi Knife-hand temple strike strike
Shuto hizo uchi Knife-hand spleen strike strike
Shuto jodan uke, chudan uchi uke Knife-hand overhead block with middle inside block block
Shuto sakotsu uchi Knife-hand descending collarbone strike strike
Shuto sokotsu uchikomi Knife-hand driving collarbone strike strike
Shuto uchi uchi Knife hand inside strike hand strike
Shuto uke Knife-hand block block
Sokuto Knife-edge of foot body
Tachi, dachi, kamae Posture/stance general
Tateken zuki Vertical fist punch punch
Te waza Hand techniques general
Tetsui sakotsu uchi Descending hammer-punch strike
Tetsui sayu uchi Lateral hammer punch strike
Tobi ushiro geri Jumping back kick kick
Tobi ushiro mawashi geri Jumping back spinning kick kick
Tobi mae geri Jumping front kick kick
Tobi yoko geri Jumping side kick kick
Tsukui uke Scooping block block
Tsuru ashi dachi Crane stance stance
Ukemi Body movement (falling to avoid injury) movement
Uraken ganmen uchi Back fist face strike strike
Uraken hizo uchi Back fist spleen strike strike
Uraken sayu uchi Back fist side strike strike
Ushiro geri Back kick kick
Ushiro mawashi geri Back spinning kick kick
Yasume/yame Cease (fighting, performing kata, technique, etc.) instruction
Yoi Prepare yourself instruction
Yoi/Fudo dachi Ready stance stance
Yoko geri Side kick kick
Yoko keage Side high kick kick
Zenkutsu dachi Forward leaning stance stance