Seichou Karate | The Difference
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The Difference

What set's Seichou Karate apart?

Better Physical Fitness

Our Karate curriculum meets the U.S. National Standards for Physical Education.

No Rush

We never hurry students through the curriculum because we want them to learn well and develop patience.

More Depth

Our unique interdisciplinary curriculum includes Japanese karate, calligraphy, abacus, flower arranging and language for true cultural immersion.

Unlimited Training

We offer classes 6 days a week, so students may attend as many classes per week as they choose on any day that they choose.

Better Staff

All of our instructors possess at least masters degrees and have ten or more years of Seichou Karate® experience.

Better Facility

With a state-of-the-art training hall, changing rooms with lockers and showers, and a dedicated classroom for cultural arts, we have the best-equipped, most beautiful, serene dojo in metro DC.

Best Value

Seichou Karate®’s prices are lower than many martial arts schools. Yet, our product is the finest in the industry. We accomplish this because we are not franchise. Therefore, we don’t support layers and layers of staff and are able to focus on quality. We pride ourselves on being a lean and efficient organization.

Best Self-defense

Our director is a former Kyokushin Karate full-contact karate champion with decades of experience. He teaches no-nonsense martial arts that dramatically enhance the self-defense preparedness of newcomers and experienced students.

Our instructors make the difference! Find out more!