Seichou Karate | Team Building
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Team Building

If you’re looking for high-quality programs to energize and entertain your members after a full day of meetings or professional development, try Seichou Karate® for outstanding Team-building. With Seichou Karate®s exciting Team-building Programs, your members will learn how to achieve better life balance and practical self-defense in a fun, supportive environment.


Located in beautiful north Old Town adjacent to hotels and great restaurants, we can create a powerful, fun program to meet your requirements.

samuraitrainingSamurai Training

This is a highly challenging introduction to the culture and fitness regimen of the medieval Japanese Samurai. Participants will improve their power, balance, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness by practicing self-defense postures, movements, blocking, striking and sword-fighting techniques. Participants will also consider concepts from the Book of Five Rings, a 16th century treatise on battle strategy by Japan’s most famous samurai, Miyamoto Musashi.

thumbcaligJapanese Calligraphy

Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) is the art of writing beautiful characters with an ink-drenched brush and a focused mind. Shodo improves penmanship, aesthetic sensitivity, patience, self-control, and is a superb stress-reducer. Let our Master Instructor guide you on an exciting exploration of this remarkable art form!

selfdefenseSmart.Strong.Safe.™ Personal Safety Training

In this empowering approach to self-defense, participants will assess their personal safety preparedness; study simple, effective strategies for avoiding violence; practice breathing, striking, blocking, postures, movement for self-defense; and examine legal ramifications of self-defense.

flowerarrangethumbFlower Arranging

Ikebana (Japanese flower arranging) is the art of harnessing nature?s beauty for self-expression. Few endeavors produce greater inner-serenity than fashioning greenery into a work of beauty. You will love learning Ikebana basics,including how to devise your artistic vision, choose flowers and vessels for your work, and care for your equipment.