Teen Karate

Growth. Character. Balance.


Teens learn a multitude of self-defense techniques, movement patterns in which they confront imaginary opponents, traditional weaponry and contact free fighting (sparring).

Karate mastery requires diligence and courage, and each one provides specific important benefits such as stress relief, increased cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, coordination and grace.


Our Pillars

We teach teens a winning approach to life that begins with respect for themselves and others. Much of this learning is accomplished through group exploration of the 7 Pillars of Seichou Karate®: honesty and justice (義), courtesy (礼), courage (勇), honor (名誉), compassion (仁), complete sincerity (誠), and duty and loyalty (忠). We find that sometimes rebellious teens rely on these lessons at critical moments. In this way lessons learned at Seichou Karate® help keep teens on the path to a bright future.

Be strong when you are weak, brave when you are scared, and humble when you are victorious.

Ultimately, Seichou Karate specializes in teaching teens to assert themselves in appropriate, wholesome ways by giving them a constructive focus for mental and physical development. Thus, by attending weekly classes at our dojo, teens develop good habits as they find their voice and path to adulthood with a humble confidence.


If you have questions about this class, please feel free to contact us at (571) 257-5401