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Japanese Abacus (Soroban)

This fun class instructs children in a system of arithmetic computation that uses a calculating instrument known as an abacus. The Japanese Abacus (Nippon Soroban) has rows of large beads that students manipulate to solve mathematical problems. It is different from the Chinese and western abaci in configuration and use.


Kids need every advantage today

Solid math skills are indispensable for academic and professional success. Your children will develop these skills with fun drills under the direction of our delightful expert instructor.


Kiemi Watabe Langlois

She is a Sensei is a Japanese abacus expert and holds licenses to teach middle and high school from the Japanese government. A native of Mie, Japan, she is also a classically trained professional pianist and piano instructor with a BA from the Musashino Academia Musicae in Tokyo. Ms. Langlois has taught students of all ages.



If you have questions about this class, please feel free to contact us at (571) 257-5401