Kids Karate

Confidence. Focus. Discipline.


Program Details

Our Kids Karate Classes encourage and nurture children to grow both physically and mentally. We teach skills for overcoming everyday life challenges and for becoming well rounded, self-confident, and disciplined individuals.

These ‘life lessons’ resonate beyond just the Dojo fostering a culture of friendship, harmony, and focus all within the context of Karate.

Children Benefit from Seichou Karate

By practicing Seichou Karate® children experience greatly enhanced physical fitness and gain a sense of wellbeing. They achieve good cardiovascular health, and increased muscular strength and flexibility, coordination, and agility.

Furthermore, we teach young students the importance of focus, respect, self-control, discipline, determination, and teamwork. Then we emphasize that the measure of a martial artist is how well he or she applies these concepts to life outside of the dojo (martial arts school).

Each Child is Unique

Although we focus on working together as a team to accomplish group and community goals, we never lose sight of any child’s unique individuality. Thus, Seichou Karate® gives each child individual attention and encouragement during and after class, which helps to increase self-esteem.

The Effect of Dojo Etiquette

Seichou Karate® utilizes Japanese social and dojo etiquette in all classes. By practicing habits that respect sensibilities and boundaries children discover that they have a stake in creating a good learning environment. At the same time, they become more receptive to the lessons of the dojo and better able to focus on the subject matter, which makes classroom time more fruitful and enjoyable for everyone.

Children learn that by giving respect, they are likely to receive it in return. Thus, children develop skills for acting and reacting both inside and outside of the dojo and, in turn, they learn how to build meaningful interpersonal relationships.


If you have questions about this class, please feel free to contact us at (571) 257-5401